Examples of the Witch Hunt smear in mainstream media

Daily Mail   – 6th September 2015, by Tom Kelly
Paul Gambaccini says sex claims inquiry was a Soviet-style witch hunt.
‘My case is straight out of the Soviet Union’.

Guardian – 15th September 2015 by Jamie Grierson and Josh Halliday
Historical child abuse investigators warned to be wary of ‘fantasists’:
Lord Ken Macdonald QC concerned that ‘medieval contempt’ for the accused could lead to public disgrace even if figures turn out to be innocent;
Proctor said he was “completely innocent” and accused police of a witch-hunt against homosexuals.

Daily Record – 28th September 2015, Scott D’Arcy
Comedian Freddie Star: ‘Operation Yewtree child sex abuse allegations left me feeling suicidal’ .
Starr compared…Yewtree to the Salem witch hunt

Daily Mail – 15th September 2015, by Stephen Wright
Cliff Richard is praying for his sex case accuser…says Gambaccini as he attacks ‘witch hunt’ and claims he’ll ‘eat his hat’ if singer is convicted

Reuters – 17th September 2015, by Michael Holden
UK police watchdog examines new political sex abuse cover-up claims.
However, critics and some of the well-known figures whose names have arisen in the multitude of ongoing police inquiries have said many of those accused are victims of a witch hunt, unfounded rumour or the claims of fantasists.

Telegraph – 26th September 2015 by Robert Mendick
‘VIP child abuse ring’ accuser served time in prison for fraud.
Fay told The Telegraph he regretted the list had been made public, conceded it contained the names of innocent public figures and admitted it had sparked a witch hunt.

BBC – 18th September 2015 by Tom Symonds
Met creating team to deal with historical child abuse cases.
The Met has also been criticised by former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, who has been interviewed twice by detectives investigating the Operation Midland claims. He described the inquiry as a “witch-hunt”.

Daily Mail – 7th September 2015 by Dominic Lawson
Stop wasting money on fantasies about VIP abusers murdering children

Telegraph – 9th August 2015 – Christopher Booker
The greatest abuse would be to indulge in a witch hunt

Daily Mail – 10th March, by Max Hastings
As sex abuse squad raid home of war hero Lord Bramall, 91 – who I’ve known for 40 years – I’ll stick my neck out and say this witch-hunt is outrageous.

Wales Online – 22nd August 2015 by Philip Dewey
Welsh Police Commissioner warns child abuse investigations risk becoming like McCarthy-era witch hunts.
Mr Salmon said the police’s attitude to child abuse had “veered from willful neglect to something close to moral panic”. He added: “Child abuse is an horrific crime but there is a fine line between encouraging victims to speak out and McCarthyism.

Telegraph – 5th August 2015, by Dan Hodges
The Edward Heath witch hunt is the stuff of Hitler’s dreams.
… the moral panic button….This is the second time in my life when I’ve thought to myself “I can see how it happens”. Where a McCarthy, or even a Hitler, could come from. Here, on my own doorstep. 

Guardian – 5th August 2015, by Simon Jenkins
How easy it is to convict the dead and defenceless.
The case against Edward Heath looks flimsy, but already the gutter is being dredged for lurid, unsubstantiated claims.
…the current police obsession with “historical celebrity sex abuse” is beyond bizarre. By any standard, it risks rampant injustice.
The past week’s assault on Heath’s reputation has clearly been driven by…political antipathy to Heath, by latent homophobia and by a general suspicion of people who seem to lead abnormal lives.

Independent – 7th August 2015, by Michael Brown
Edward Heath abuse claims: Even as an enemy of the former PM I am appalled by this witch-hunt.
…lurid claims that he was a serial paedophile.


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