The Propaganda of Abuse

As a matter of course, a long list of excuses and attempts to deflect blame are trawled out in the defence of abusers, by themselves, by their defence teams in court and by the mainstream media reporting on inquiries and investigations into abuse.

These excuses follow a systematic, repeated and recognisable pattern, using standard smear techniques such as on the one hand – victim-blaming and victim-shaming, and on the other hand – support for the abuser through protestations of innocence, claims of victimhood or calls for sympathy.

These  tactics are used by abuse deniers, always with the aim of protecting their own interests whilst simultaneously denigrating their victims.

From child abuse, to domestic abuse, to abuse of power and control by the state, by corporations, by religious organisations, these tactics remain broadly the same.

They are the tactics of abuse.

As a nice clear example, below is a broad summary of tactics I have identified in the transcript of the unsuccessful appeal of Ralph Patrick Morris Court of Appeal 12 July 1993.
Thanks to CathyFox blog

Tactics of Abuse Denial:-

  1. The Miscarriage of Justice defence
  2. The accused suffers from Ill-health defence
  3. The accused is a victim of Witch Hunt defence
  4. The Missing Evidence defence
  5. The victim is a Gold-Digger defence
  6. The victims are Conspirators Defence
  7. The victim is Mentally Unbalanced defence
  8. The victim is a Fantasist defence
  9. The  “No one else said anything” defence

All of the tactics above can be broadly divided into a) victim-blaming & shaming and b) sympathy and excuses for the accused.

In more general terms, we can add several other tactics to this list including:

  1. The Walter Mitty smear
  2. The Moral Panic smear
  3. The False Memory smear
  4. The Clown/buffoon smear
  5. The Weirdo smear
  6. The Political Correctness lie
  7. The Freedom of Speech defence
  8. The Divide and Rule tactic
  9. The Scapegoat Minorities tactic
  10. The Distraction tactic (aka “look over there!”)
  11. others to follow?

Broadly speaking, these tactics are used to deflect blame from those accused of any form of abuse – child sex abuse, domestic abuse, religious abuse, state abuse of power etc, and wherever possible to place blame at the feet of whistleblowers and witnesses making the allegations of abuse.

I’ll be adding to this when I can – but for now, some examples of the use of the Tactics of Abuse Denial by:-

  1.  The state – David Kelly.
  2. Domestic abusers – see
  3. The Catholic church – see

To be updated….


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