Food Banks


Why do we tolerate this?


I think we have gone beyond the early attempts to ignore, or deny, rising food bank  use. Sadly Food Banks are now a significant feature of the way we tackle food insecurity. Brave would be the politician who tried to argue they did not exist.  For an overview of their prevalence  I refer you to the Trussell Trust. They commissioned an 18 month survey by Oxford University.

You can find this report here : June 2017 report.

Lone parents, disabled, insecure workers & those subject to benefit sanctions  figure prominently in those accessing foodbanks.

Facts on expansion of foodbanks are that in 2009 the Trussell trust had 30 foodbanks this increased to 420 by 2017.  This is only one provider and there are many more new entrants to the Food Bank sector.  For Trussell Trust alone they provided 1.8 million instances of food supplies…

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