Manchester attack – why?

What could make someone do that? Why? How could anyone commit such an atrocity?

On an individual level it clearly takes a very seriously disturbed and fucked up person to kill loads of innocent people, and children (and themselves). And I can’t begin to imagine what sort of person could do that, let alone the terror and grief and shock of  the survivors and their families.
But suicide bombers don’t come out of a vacuum.
A society that marginalises, disenfranchises, pauperises and scapegoats the vulnerable – old people, sick people, disabled, children, victims of abuse, ethnic minorities etc – breeds hate and rage.
On top of that you’ve got the UK history of warmongering whilst cosying up to brutal regimes, eg Saudi, Erdogan, Trump ffs.
No wonder people are desperate and angry and feel powerless and abandoned.

Unfortunately some of those people are prime territory for extremism. And the powers that be milk that, don’t they. No way are they “fighting terrorism” – they arm the terrorists (via the Saudis for example, via British arms deals), they motivate the terrorists (by unjust wars, racist scapegoating, contempt for human rights, unequal austerity measures, contempt for the poor), and it suits them nicely to use terrorism as an excuse to screw civil rights, ratchet up “security” and pile the blame on ethnic groups.
Not to mention distracting attention away from anything that might take power off the status quo.

Seems a funny coincidence that Theresa May’s Tories were finally going down in the polls when this latest attack happened.
Sorry but this lot are so disgusting that I wouldn’t put it past them to have somehow instigated the attack just so May gets to look resolute – aka strong & stable – and avoids being revealed as the heartless, spineless, inept posturer she truly is.

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