Thoughts on the Labour Purge #2

I’m assuming the current Labour purge of Corbyn supporters will not succeed. If it does, the damage to the integrity and credibility of the party will be so severe I doubt it will ever recover.
Of course – perhaps that’s what the coup plotters want. After all, there are less than 200 of them, all of whom doubtless stand to profit personally from the destruction of the Labour left.
But if the purge fails, and Corbyn wins with the huge majority predicted, certain actions need to be taken immediately to protect the party from future anti-democratic attacks.
Here are a few ideas:-

1. The party’s “rule book” must be rewritten as a constitution, and vague ambiguities removed from its terminology so that, for example, there can be no question in the future of barring members on spurious, selective, unproven and undemocratic grounds.

2. The MPs who have been campaigning against the democratically elected leader of their party must be asked to make a choice – work with the leader, or face deselection.

3. An investigation needs to be undertaken into the power and money behind the right wing Labour pressure groups Progress and Saving Labour and any other similar organisations. Links to private finance corporations like Pfizer, private healthcare providers, and right wing organisations like the Henry Jackson society need to be exposed and outlawed as against the ethos and principles of a left wing socialist political party.

3. A code of practice needs to be adopted by the Labour Party to which MPs, activists and members suscribe, which prohibits lies, smears, slurs, dirty tricks, threats or abuse. Examples of breaching the code would include levelling unfounded accusations at party members – for example calling Corbyn supporters Nazi stormtroopers – and making allegations that the party leader is anti-women or anti-Semitic without offering any evidence to back up these insinuations.
Legitimate criticisms/protests would of course be welcomed, provided they put forward supporting evidence and always allowed a right to reply.
Breaking the code of practice could lead to a tribunal to decide if the person should be barred from the party, but safeguards such as the necessity of clear evidence, a right to representation, and the right of appeal would guard against abuse of tribunals and sanctions by future plotters seeking to oust their enemies.

These are just a few ideas to start with.
Let’s hope we can get the Labour Party back as a Democratic Party of the left. There really are just a couple of hundred individuals actively participating in the PLP/NEC shady behind-the-scenes machinations. They are few. We are many. Even with the entire mainstream media backing them, we stand a good chance to fight them off if we just stick to our principles and refuse to back down.

Remember – principles ARE power!
But power without principles is corruption.

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