Dr Liz Davies: ‘Goodbye’ Goddard though I never said ‘Hello’

This is another fantastic post by Dr. Liz Davies, the courageous campaigner for justice for  the victims of child sex abuse.

In 2014,  I wrote about the need for an Inquiry into Organised Child Abuse  , citing the need to re-examine various child murders and to search for missing dossiers of evidence,  but over 25 years I have mainly promoted the need for a national police led multi-agency child protection investigation team. Abusers are well organised nationally and internationally – but protectors have difficulty co-ordinating an investigation effectively when crimes are committed across local, national or international borders.

Although I was brought up Catholic and am now agnostic, I was well indoctrinated with the principles of faith, hope and charity. I have now lost faith in the so called ‘protective’ systems and given uphoping for anything different to happen however many reports I write or interviews I attend with the authorities, journalists, politicians and anyone else who seems to be listening. Only charityis left which to my mind, in its broadest sense, means assisting individual Islington survivors to help them battle with the impact of the abuse and to gain solidarity from connecting with their siblings, friends from care and other survivors now gaining in strength across the country. We know all we need to know about child sexual abuse. We know why abuse has continued over the decades and who profits from it. We know it is a remunerative industry which continues to thrive on the suffering of children and their families. We know that it cannot continue without colluders and facilitators procuring and delivering vulnerable children into the hands of  perpetrators.

‘Goodbye’ Goddard though I never said ‘Hello’

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