Nowhere Man: A portrait of ‘Blairite’ contempt

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As I reflect on another chaotic week in the life of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership rival, the title of a 1965 Beatle’s hit springs to mind. In some ways they seem poetically prophetic when applied to the man from Pfizer, sadly they fall short in others. While he doesn’t have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to; Owen Smith is not like you and me at all.

He may have spent most of his leadership campaign pretending to be Jeremy Corbyn, but he must be eternally grateful that he most certainly is not. Had the current incumbent launched himself on the sort of gaffe strewn tour of TV studios his challenger has, the media would have tore him to shreds.

Interestingly the Daily Mirror sees things very differently. They actually had the nerve to suggest that Owen Smith’s campaign was gathering pace. Of course the sight of morose teenagers…

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