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I’m impressed by your site, and happy to see you cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of “spinwatch”.
One notable topic missed off your list so far is the way in which in the UK (and possibly in the U.S. and elsewhere too) high profile paedophiles appear to have been given carte blanche to abuse children in care, with childcare policy having been shaped by paedophile MPs and academics, and – according to successive whistleblowers – the collusion of the Intelligence services both in facilitating paedophile activity and in covering it up.
Credible sources, witnesses and whistleblowers have repeatedly alleged paedophile activity by high level and high profile individuals – MPs, Cabinet members, even former prime ministers, members of the royal household, friends of Thatcher and Prince Charles.
These sources without exception have been subjected to dirty tricks and smear campaigns, including the classic “Walter Mitty fantasist” smear – Colin Wallace is one example and more recently, ‘Nick’, who alleges he was raped as a child by MPs and cabinet members in a flat in Dolphin Square.
Colin Wallace of course spent 6 years in prison for a manslaughter he didn’t commit before he was finally exonerated, and there are strong suggestions he was framed for whistleblowing.
The cover ups, the media denials, the media defence of abuse suspects and even those convicted of abuse as “victims” of “witch hunts”, the ridicule of abuse as “satanic panic” and of survivors as gold-diggers and fantasists – all of this seems to me to indicate a systematic misinformation campaign which shows just how seriously threatened the establishment are by exposure on this subject.
i am no expert, just an appalled observer/researcher. In the course of my research I’ve become aware of the scale of media disinformation, the might of corporate power and the resultant/concurrent erosion of democracy and civil rights.

Anyway, I thought you might like to consider including what they’re calling the “VIP” child sex abuse scandals in your list of topics of concern.

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