The Guardian – 4th October 2015

“Because the British state was rotten to the core, Bro Jack got away with it. Nothing could be allowed to threaten masonry, because the whole venal dinosaur of the Victorian ruling elite couldn’t function without it.”

Lose the words ‘Jack’ and ‘Victorian’ – you’ve got a spot on description of what’s happening right now under our noses with the VIP child sex abuse cover ups.
Masonry is definitely a part of it, but the ruling elite/state rotten to core bit is right on the nose.

Any implication that nowadays we have a more enlightened fair society where cover ups for foul murderers couldn’t happen is just dreaming I’m afraid.
Read any reliable source on Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, Haut de la Garonne, etc etc to see just how depraved our ruling elites are. Read the accounts of retired police officers, people of the calibre of Clive Driscoll, award winning journalists like Don Hale, ex Intelligence agents like Colin Wallace (wrongly imprisoned for 6 years for manslaughter – many believe as a punishment for whistleblowing), plus a few principled MPs from all parties – including Zac Goldsmith and Tom Watson.
These people have been trying to bring this out into the light, many of them for decades, against a culture of denial and cover up which is blatantly apparent in today’s media coverage of the ongoing investigations including Operation Midland.

Not only is Westminster rotten to the core, but our media is now entirely subservient to powerful interests and actively spreads misinformation about elite crimes and cover ups and smears witnesses and whistleblowers.

Not sure it was that bad in Victorian days, to be honest. Back then, some of the press still had some guts.

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